Villa "Pepeliana" is located in Sabotkovtsi, an authentic
Bulgarian style village, a magical place that had skipped
the last two centuries.
It is located 7 km east of Gabrovo, halfway
the Gabrovo - Bozhentsi road.

Located in the foothills of Central Stara Planina with the unique architecture of the houses from the end of the XVIII and XIX centuries. Ancient walls, overgrown and filled with the scent of geranium, fresh mountain air and unique tranquility are only part of the charm of this rural area. Along the village is a marked trail to the Monastery of Dryanovo Bojentsi (7 km), from there you can take the marked trail "Bozhentsi - Tryavna". Nearby are the architectural and historical reserve Bozhentsi, National park "Central Balkan", Dryanovo Monastery (10 km), Bacho Kiro cave, Troyan Monastery, Kapinovski monastery, Kilifarevo monastery, Ethnographic museum "Etara" and Sokolovski Monastery (15 km), Merdanski monastery and Shipka memorial monument.